In the second of our new, ongoing staff spotlight series, spend 10 minutes getting to know another member of TrustQuay's worldwide team...

Hi Annie! Our first question, where are you based, and what is your role at TrustQuay?

I am a Business Development Executive based in the Singapore office. I’ve been with the business close to three months now, and my day is filled with planning, coordinating, emailing, and calling. 

How would you sum up the benefits of TrustQuay’s software in a nutshell?

We create software with our clients and end-users in mind.  I have not worked with an all-in-one platform before, and not only can I collaborate with co-workers but it also streamlines work processes as well.  With our recent SaaS launch of TrustQuay Online, we are providing a progressive solution which is meeting market demands.  It feels like I joined at a very exciting time.  

In terms of your job – and your life outside of TrustQuay – what are you looking forward to in the next three months?

I am looking forward to the in-person launch of TrustQuay Online in Singapore – a great chance to meet customers, potential customers and visiting members of the TrustQuay team in person It really feels like the pandemic is finally over and things are getting back to normal, where we can meet in person and shake hands.  Also personally, I hope to travel more to nearby countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand to explore and try all the local food!  

So in terms of your personal travels and exploring, what destination is at the top of your list?

Langkawi.  It’s an archipelago off the northwest coast of Malaysia.  Its clear turquoise colour beaches are beautiful and the hiking trails are amazing. 

And when you’re not on your travels, could you recommend a classic movie from your Netflix history? 

My favourite movie is a Japanese anime called What Is Your Name.  I am a big anime fan.  

Since joining TrustQuay what is your proudest moment?

Following the very recent launch of TrustQuay Online, we have already signed the first customer in the APAC region, so I am extremely proud of our teamwork 

Can you describe working for TrustQuay in terms of culture and atmosphere?

Collaboration and communication come first Although we are a global company, and our teams are in different countries, we feel very well connected and seeking help is just a Zoom call away.  

Finally, are you an early bird or a night owl?

It all depends on what I have planned the next daySleeping well is important and helps me to concentrate so an eight-hour sleep is always on my agenda.  

About the Author

Maddie Sansom

Maddie is a Senior Marketing Executive at TrustQuay.