Diane Betts recently joined TrustQuay as Global Head of Professional Services based in TrustQuay’s Fleet office.

We caught up with Diane to get her views on the role the Professional Services team is playing to support customers progress along their digitalisation pathway.

Hi Diane, what is the role of TrustQuay’s Professional Services team? 

The Professional Services team is responsible for the delivery of project implementations and transformation programmes for TrustQuay customers globally, across the range of TrustQuay’s products. 

Our area of focus is on the post-sales activity – we are the team responsible for the delivery of the customer’s chosen solution. Put simply, our job is to bring to life the ambition the customer has in terms of business strategy, helping them to progress along their digitalisation pathway and realise the full value of their TrustQuay solution.

Do different customers have different needs?  

Absolutely. For example, for larger global customers, the implementation programme may have multiple phases across multiple jurisdictions and therefore require a more complex project to be wrapped around the customer’s digital transformation. 

Smaller customers have different needs. Here, it's about helping a business that might be taking its first step along their digitalisation pathway. This could involve moving away from legacy systems to consolidate data onto a common digital or regulatory platform,  for example through the adoption of our new SaaS solution, TrustQuay Online.

However, no matter what the size of the customer, our focus is on bringing best practice functionality as part of their implementation.

How does the Professional Services team add value for customers? 

For many of our customers, both large and small, they can often be adopting new technology for the first time, having had their legacy systems in place for many years. 

The value we bring is as an experienced partner who has delivered many different types of projects and, through this expertise, help them understand the best way to derive value from their new software and how to best utilise it going forward throughout the product lifecycle. We essentially act as the main interaction point with customers to ensure their TrustQuay software is fully delivering at every stage. 

As someone who has previously worked outside the sector, what's your perspective on the corporate, trust and funds services market?   

My background is in fintech, having previously delivered digital transformation and payment solution programmes for clients at Fiserv, Dovetail and Visa Europe, among others. 

I see a lot of similarities in terms of the needs of the corporate services, trust and alternative fund administration market. From my experience, customers who are embarking on a digital transformation journey have similar requirements in terms of programme and project delivery, and similar needs when it comes to making sure the software solution delivers for their business and their end clients. 

The fact that the corporate, trust and fund services market currently lags behind other areas of financial services in terms of digitalisation and automation means that there are many learnings and best practice we can bring from other markets. I think my experience from other sectors can therefore be a strength here. 

Finally, what interested you about joining TrustQuay? 

I think TrustQuay is on a very exciting trajectory to become a global industry champion in terms of driving forward digitalisation and automation in the corporate, trust and funds services market.

Over the next few years, I think we'll see a significant acceleration in firms digitalising their businesses and our Professional Services team will play an important role in helping customers realise the full benefits to margins, profitability and enterprise value that digitalisation and automation can bring.

About the Author

Maddie Sansom

Maddie is a Senior Marketing Executive at TrustQuay.