In the latest of our staff spotlights, we spoke with Paul Adams, a Product Owner at TrustQuay who has been with the business for almost six years.

Hi Paul! Our first question, where are you based, and what is your role here at TrustQuay?

My role here at TrustQuay is that of Product Owner for the TrustQuay Advanced Funded Development Team, looking after client enhancement projects for both NavOne and 5Series products and being part of the Enhancement Triage group that has a say on what gets developed in each. I am based in our Fleet Offices.

How would you describe an average day?

An average day for me starts with a morning catch up on any client emails that may have come in from the previous day or following up on issues for clients internally with my team-member development colleagues, before we have a morning stand-up, where we go through the current development sprint user stories that are in progress, and the guys walk me through how they are progressing with their allotted tasks, and let me know if they have any blockers that I can help with.

Following that, I usually have at least three client product enhancement requests on the go at once, to gather the business requirements, perform analysis, and liaise both externally with the client and internally with my team to come up with a suitable proposal. It’s then up to me to capture in a product feature document; taking that back to the client for approval before breaking it down into smaller deliverable features and user stories, with suitable acceptance criteria defined, for the developers to work on.  

So outside of this packed schedule and onto your life outside of work, what movies would you recommend we have to see? ”

I have to admit to being a bit of a Star Wars nerd (it’s a bit of an IT cliché I know!) – with my favourite out of the original trilogy being "The Empire Strikes Back”, it was probably the first movie that my parents took me to see at the cinema, and after my Dad recorded it on our new VHS video recorder when it was on the telly one Christmas a couple of years later, I must have worn the tape out I've seen it that many times!

So how would you sum up the benefits of TrustQuay’s software in a nutshell?

In the Trust and Wealth management sphere, it’s very comprehensive in what we offer to our clients in terms of features and modules across both NavOne, 5Series, TrustQuay Portal and also now our latest Software as a Service offering, TrustQuay Online. The latter being the only full SaaS software solution in the market.

Lastly where would you most like to visit?

I’ve been lucky enough to have visited quite a few places so far in my life both with work and just on holiday with family and friends, from Norway, Denmark, France, Italy, Ukraine, Canada, Spain, Portugal, the Mediterranean, Dubrovnik and South Africa, to name but a few. But one place I’ve never visited so far is America! I love playing golf, so myself and three of my closest friends have made a pact that we will organise a trip to watch the Masters in Augusta for our 50th birthdays in a few years time. Then I can tick both those items off my bucket list in one go.

About the Author

Maddie Sansom

Maddie is a Senior Marketing Executive at TrustQuay.