Building on TrustQuay's core values, this year's annual Employee Awards highlighted a variety of team members that went the extra mile...

There are two drivers behind life at TrustQuay:

  • Our mission to automate and digitalise corporate services, trust and fund administrators
  • Our core values: customer, integrity, innovation and collaboration.

It’s with these drivers in mind that we celebrate successes and highlight team members that went the extra mile with our annual TrustQuay Employee Awards.

We wanted to highlight their contributions in this blog, too, not only to publicly celebrate the efforts of our team but to also give you a bit more insight into the inner workings and culture at TrustQuay.

Please join me in congratulating the following for their wins and honourable mentions...

Customer Focus of the Year

Winner: Rick Taylor
Honourable mentions: Sacha Serinet and Steve Mitchell

Rick manages L3 Support, the team that picks up the more technical or challenging support requests we receive. With such a diverse customer base across many jurisdictions, it is no easy task, yet the L3 Support team under Rick’s guidance increased both delivery and response times throughout 2021.

Sacha and Steve manage our Customer Service teams internally at TrustQuay. This has been a real area of focus for us in 2021, and they’ve demonstrably improved service levels.


Winner: Michael Daykin
Honourable mention: James Logan

It may not be the most glamorous area, but Mike plays a crucial role in drafting and reviewing contracts and managing our own internal risk policies. It’s an area which, as you can imagine, is vital to right in the industry in which we operate.

James is a recent addition to our Project Management team but has quickly become an integral member running some of our biggest projects. His commitment to openness and transparency are big contributors to our success in implementations.

Innovator of the Year

Winner: Ben Bullock
Honourable mention: Ahmed El Agha

Ben is a part of our Strategy & Innovation team, so while he isn’t a stranger to innovation, in 2021 he particularly helped TrustQuay to push the boundaries in our market. He worked on the onboarding features in TrustQuay Portal – the first onboarding solution that natively integrates end-client onboarding and KYC into your back-office systems.

Ahmed is part of our newly formed DevOps team. In our recent blog on becoming a cloud-first business, we highlighted how the benefits of leveraging the cloud in a business accrue to all customers. DevOps is one of those examples, which has not only innovated internal technical processes such as our CICD in development but have also enhanced TrustQuay’s Customer Hub and the support experience customers receive via it.

Collaborator of the Year

Winner: Dan Zhang
Honourable mention: Alex Snape

Now more than ever it is important to focus on collaboration, and with more and more of our time spent working from home than in our offices, it’s been great to celebrate those that went the extra mile to collaborate.

Dan works in our APAC Professional Services team, working with some of our biggest global customers to get the best from our software. His commitment to collaboration in 2021 was unwavering. Alex Snape, meanwhile, heads up our Project Management Office, an area of the business that has been exceptionally busy and one in which collaboration was key in 2021.

As well as our value awards, TrustQuay also has four other categories that celebrate the special contributions of the TrustQuay team:

Chairman’s Award

Winner: Adrian Akers

Winning our chairman’s personal award, Global Head of Strategy & Innovation Adrian was chosen for his continual focus on fintech software R&D, being the driving force behind some of our biggest innovations in 2021 and some exciting new products to come in 2022!

Newcomer of the Year

Winner: Kenneth Wee
Honourable mention: Jordon Scott

Both Kenneth and Jordon have made big impacts in the respective areas of Professional Services and Customer Services, both immediately contributing from the day they joined TrustQuay.

Long-term Achievement Award

Winner: Unnar Eliasson
Honourable mentions: Phil Guezo and Richard Sharples

Highlighting how our culture is the root of staff retention, these three TrustQuay stalwarts have almost 70 years of sterling service between them.

Individual Outstanding Contribution Award

Winner: Suzanne Pritchard

Suzanne joined our Product Management team in 2021 and has shone across all four of our values of customer, integrity, innovation and collaboration. The product manager behind TrustQuay Portal, our most recent and highly innovative product, her commitment to customer success both with this product and more widely with our whole range means she is a deserving winner of this award.

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About the Author

Mel Mariner

Mel is Global Head of HR at TrustQuay