We are excited to share an update on the merger between TrustQuay and Viewpoint, which aims to revolutionise the Trust and Corporate services industry through automation and digitalisation. This merger brings together our expertise, technology, and commitment to empower businesses to thrive in the digital age.    

Here's a brief overview of why we have joined forces and what you can expect from this exciting merger: 

Industry Transformation:

The trust and corporate services industry is undergoing a monumental transformation from manual processes to digital solutions. TrustQuay and Viewpoint have been dedicated to harnessing the power of technology to assist the industry in embracing automation and digitalisation. 

Enhanced Innovation:

By combining our people, products, and technology, we unlock greater advantages in automation, digitalization, and innovation. With expanded R&D teams and global expertise, we are well-positioned to deliver advanced solutions that drive efficiency and growth for your business. 

Product Investment:

We are fully committed to investing in and supporting our core products, such as Viewpoint Connect and Engage, eFileConnect, TrustQuay Online, NavOne, and 5Series. These products will benefit from comprehensive investment roadmaps, ensuring continuous improvement and enhanced functionality. 

Digital Platform:

The merger plays a pivotal role in enabling the adoption of digital solutions. Leveraging cloud and AI technologies, particularly our innovative Cloud and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings, we bring you the most innovative and trusted products on the market. This empowers your teams and end clients, fuelling growth and optimising profit margins while reducing technology ownership costs and safeguarding against cybersecurity risks 

Integration and Convergence:

Our goal is to seamlessly integrate our processes, systems, and teams, combining the best aspects of both companies. This integration process will bring long-term benefits to our customers and employees, ensuring a smooth transition and delivering increased value and innovation. 

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About the Author

Keith Hale

Keith is Group CEO at TrustQuay