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You will often hear software vendors talk about Ecosystems, sometimes wondering why the fuss? At TrustQuay we firmly believe in the strength of our Ecosystem, tightly integrating and enhancing the strength of our core software products. In this blog, Hannah Watson, explores the benefits of an ecosystem approach, in particular looking at our Economic Substance Advisory Service that was built in association with PwC.

Why does TrustQuay have an Ecosystem?

We believe our software to be the best for corporate services, trust and alternative fund administrators, but we also know that there are other services you make use of across a spectrum of suppliers. As our software sits at the very heart of your business, we work with other service providers to create an integrated, digital experience across your business.

At the heart of this is we know that a good ecosystem involves partners bringing different areas of expertise together. In essence, a good ecosystem creates something that is far more than just the sum of its parts; it creates a service offering that is fully integrated across all your needs.

For example, GBG provides the Identity & Address verification expertise that we’ve paired with our technology knowledge to create a world class digital onboarding solution fully integrated into our software. In the case of our Economic Substance Advisory Service, PwC provide the detailed regulatory input in the scope and assessment decision rules engine. We can then provide an integrated service that streamlines your economic substance reporting requirement – all fully integrated with your core NavOne and 5Series systems.

In the rapidly evolving market, our ecosystem combined with our market leading products means we can bring you solutions quicker and allow you to scale ahead of your competition.

What makes our Ecosystem special?

At the heart of every Ecosystem partner we work with is one word: Integrated.

Our first approach is to understand how we create an integrated solution that makes the combined value greater than the sum of the parts.

It was precisely this approach that has guided our work with PwC on the Economic Substance Advisory Service. Our partnership with PwC has made us more efficient as it has allowed us to concentrate research and development on the software. This allows us to leverage PwC’s extensive Economic Substance knowledge, providing the best of both worlds for our customers who are faced with the current Economic Substance challenges.

To see for yourself our ecosystem in action, join us for our Economic Substance webinar on 3rd and 4th March. We’ll be looking at the lessons learned from 2020, the changes for 2021 and how you can leverage technology to solve your economic substance challenges.

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About the Author

Hannah Watson

Hannah is Marketing Executive at TrustQuay