Everyone says it’s an ‘employee’s market’ out there, but not everyone knows what they’re looking for. My personal view is that with Fintech, you get a wide variety of career options, within an ever-growing industry

Before anything else, you may be asking yourself: what is Fintech? Financial technology is the innovation and advancements made via technology to improve the delivery of financial services. In short, this means enabling financial services providers to deliver the very best customer service possible.

For TrustQuay, this means providing best-in-class solutions for corporate services, trust, and fund administration, partnering with tech giants such as Microsoft, and being the leading supplier for our client-base.

We’d love you to join us, so – to get you thinking – here are my top three reasons to work in Fintech.

1.    Job Security

Fintech is growing, evolving, and here to stay.

Banking has been around since 2000BC in a form we would still recognise today! Beginning with merchants making grain loans to farmers and traders, growing into the multi-currency, global-reaching industry it is now, banking and finance is one of the pillars upon which civilisation has been built.

Fintech, in its most basic form, has also been around longer than people often realise. Dating back to 1860, when a device called a pantelegraph was developed to verify signatures by banks, Fintech has worked alongside the financial industry to ensure it runs smoothly in the modern world.

These days, of course, it’s more along the lines of Software-as-a-Service rather than facsimile machines!

2.    Career Growth (and change!)

In 2017, there were a reported 77,000 people working for UK Fintech companies. This number rose 16.5% to 2021, where a reported 91,000 people now worked in the industry. Trends suggest that by 2030, there will be at least 105,500 Fintech employees in the UK market, and more worldwide.

With Fintech experiencing this kind of growth, the demand for the workforce is higher than ever in this field. It’s not just developers and analysts that are in demand, either. As with any other industry, a wide range of skills and profiles are required. From marketing to sales to human resource to office management, Fintech is looking for talent from all areas.

This also allows you to explore your own career wants and needs. With a good mix of both start-ups and established businesses, you may discover a career path you never thought you would walk, with the flexibility available to delve into a variety of tracks.

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3.    Company Culture

Fintech is an industry built on innovation. As such, creativity, development, and creation are at the forefront of the industry, and are not only encouraged but recognised and rewarded.

Collaboration and partnership are key, and these qualities are essential in all areas of Fintech, and TrustQuay. From the market analysists working to ensure the product fits what customers require, to our developers who create it, our marketing team who promote it, our sales team who sell it, our account managers who ensure clients are happy and receiving exactly what they buy. Every cog is essential, and not just the customer-driven side. Without brilliant HR representatives, accounts teams, office managers, and IT, the product chain could never run so smoothly.

TrustQuay believes in four fundamental values: commitment to our customers and their success, innovation in everything we do, integrity to drive respect and honestly amongst peers, and collaboration, as we are stronger together.

About the Author

Keziah Bryceland

Keziah is a Product Marketing Executive at TrustQuay