TrustQuay Forum – our live, in-person fintech event for the trust, fund and corporate services sector – has been described as “the industry event of the year.”

Don’t worry if you were unable to make it to London to attend – the entire day was filmed.  From product demos to Q&As, and roundtables to new launches.

It’s all available here for you to watch on demand.

TrustQuay’s Executive Chairman Keith Hale welcomes you to TrustQuay Forum 2022 and sets the scene for all the sessions that follow.  What are the most crucial movements in the world of fintech for trust, fund and corporate services?

Watch the Keynote on-demand

Future Focus Report unveiled
TrustQuay unveils the findings of a major new industry survey, the Future Focus Report, which tracks the state of technology and trust, fund and corporate services sector.

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Panel debate
We're joined by partners and clients from BDO, RiskScreen, FJVA, and ZEDRA to talk through the findings of TrustQuay's Future Focus Report 2023.

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Demo Sessions 
Join members of TrustQuay’s product development and strategy & innovation teams as we bring you up to date with the best in fintech for the trust, fund and corporate services sector:

Demo One - Neptune Services trials TrustQuay Online
Step inside the archetypal trust and corporate services business as it trials our SaaS platform TrustQuay Online, live on stage.

Watch the TrustQuay Online session-demand

Demo Two - SaaS-based Fund Administration which TrustQuay launches a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-enabled fund administration platform – find out more with this live demo.

Watch the Fund Administration session-demand

Deep-dives: Mapping a pathway to digitalisation
With guest speakers from partners and customers — these three sessions will help you drive competitive advantage and digitalise in four logical steps: through consolidation, regulation, automation and differentiation:

Deep dive one - Data Consolidation and Regulation Optimisation 
In this session, we look at how to minimise risk and increase efficiency by bringing your data under one roof.  We answer a key question - "how can you quickly minimise and digitalise regulatory burden?"  And the fast-moving area of scrutiny and sanctions screening will also come under the spotlight.

Watch the 'Consolidate & Regulate' session on-demand

Deep dive two - Software Automation
Adrian Akers, TrustQuay's Global Head of Strategy and Innovation, asks "what does ‘low code, no code’ really mean for the future of IT departments?"  He sets out 10 great automation tips - all achievable in the next 10 days - and demonstrates how all teams can start work from a single source of data.

Watch the 'Automate' session on-demand

Deep dive three - Commercial Differentiation
TrustQuay's Global Head of Sales Ed Creswell chairs a session asking "Who are the digital leaders - and laggards - in trust and corporate services?"  He provides a quick, efficient roadmap to becoming a digital leader, and highlights quick wins for both the client and employee experience.

Watch the 'Differentiate' session on-demand


About the Author

Andrew Lowerson

Andrew is Senior Product Marketing Manager at TrustQuay