The pan-industry growth of technology has aided certain regions in bringing themselves to the forefront of the digital revolution. The Jersey Financial Services Commission is one such organisation

No one has escaped the rise of digitalisation in the last 18 months. Be it the inexorable growth of the zoom social or the migration of data to the cloud, the trend towards an increasing level of technology interface in every aspect of both our personal and business life is not going to abate. Here at TrustQuay, we have been in close interface with many of our customers over this time particularly with respect to regulatory requirements and filings.

This is of particular relevance for those customers who provide services to customers in Jersey. The Jersey Financial Services Commission recently introduced fully digital processes for the submission of confirmation statements for Jersey-based entities, with the goal being to reduce submission errors and speed up processing times while reducing errors. TrustQuay has worked closely with the Jersey Financial Services Commission to produce a market-leading digital product that will significantly aid the compliance workflow for any organisation with Jersey-based structures.

Available now for both TrustQuay NavOne and TrustQuay 5Series, the Digital Registry integration seamlessly allows for comparison of registry data with your own customer information, correction of data and the bulk upload of confirmation statements for all Jersey structures.

In this short webinar, recorded during our 2021 user forum, you'll see the system in operation as we use the integration to demonstrate how to access the registry, compare data and submit confirmation statements on behalf of 'Neptune Services', a working case study set up by TrustQuay to illustrate our technical solutions in situations you face on a daily basis

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Andrew Lowerson

Andrew is Senior Product Marketing Manager at TrustQuay