Cloud computing means speed, reliability, flexibility, easier collaboration and lower costs. With these benefits, it’s no surprise that TrustQuay has chosen to steer towards cloud solutions.

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1. What has TrustQuay’s journey to the Cloud looked like?

TrustQuay made the decision to move because we could see that it was the best way to future-proof the investment that our customers are making in technology.

We started with DevOps foundation work, enabling customer interface via our secure portal, and building technical elements to underpin our enterprise products. This allowed us to develop a truly cloud-native SaaS product that was unique in the marketplace. We continue to build on the work we’ve completed with TrustQuay Online to deliver an experience that is cloud-first, while making sure it wasn’t cloud-only and also benefits our NavOne, 5Series, and TrustQuay Portal customers.

2. What are the benefits of moving to the Cloud?

From our customer’s perspective, there are two clear advantages to subscribing to a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, such as TrustQuay Online.

Firstly, your total cost of ownership is much lower. Not only are all the infrastructure and technology costs included in the subscription, but the IT operations and associated costs no longer need to be considered. All you need is a browser and an internet connection to access the service.

Secondly, time to value is greatly reduced. With TrustQuay Online, you immediately gain access to all the new features and improvements that we are putting into the product. Complex, time-consuming and risky upgrade projects are no longer needed in order to gain access to the new functionality that you need in order to drive your business forward and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

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3. How do upgrades and support work with TrustQuay Online?

Simply put, upgrades aren’t needed. Thanks to TrustQuay Online’s foundation in Microsoft Dynamics, it is always kept up to date without the need for upgrade projects.

With it being a true SaaS offering, there is no need for support around the infrastructure, because there is no infrastructure to support. TrustQuay does still recommend a level of internal application support around the SaaS platform, though to a much lesser extent than would be needed for on-premise infrastructure.

4. How can TrustQuay Online benefit my business?

The question should be ‘how can’t it benefit my business’? SaaS brings so many advantages to an organisation, the obvious ones being lower cost, higher security, lower complexity, and future-proofing. Once implemented, TrustQuay Online will be a tool your business can easily use for increased productivity, without the added cost of maintenance, upgrades, and support.

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Joe Sefton Jenkins

Joe Sefton Jenkins is TrustQuay's Global Head of Technology and Development