With the merger between Microgen and Touchstone now complete, Robert Browning picks up what this means to customers in discussion with Keith Hale and Peter Le Brocq.

Following our merger announcement in November between Microgen and Touchstone I'm delighted to say that the final regulatory hurdles have been cleared and, as of today, we are now a combined business.

As that previous announcement covers, we are excited for the opportunities this merger will present. Following the merger, we are now the leading provider of technology to the Trust and Corporate Services market with over 450 customers in over 30 jurisdictions with 15,000 users global. We have 150 employees across our nine offices including Jersey, Guernsey, Cyprus, Singapore, Australia and the UK, which means we are uniquely placed to meet the evolving needs of our global industry.

To talk through some of the deeper aspects of the merger I sat down with Peter Le Brocq (my opposite number at Touchstone) and Keith Hale (Executive Chairman of the combined business) to talk through the merger and what it means in the market and how it will benefit our customer base, with the customer being our primary thought throughout this merger.


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