5th August 2019

5 Simple Key Steps to Help Mitigate Against Cyber Threats Infographic

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The ever-evolving cyber threat landscape and what ‘we know’ and hear about in the news with cyber-attacks is enough to give you nightmares, but we shouldn’t forget, it’s also about what we don’t know which is even more unnerving…

In this post, Doug Cooper explores the dark reality of the cyber threat landscape and we launch our new infographic which arms you with '5 Simple Key Steps to Help Mitigate Against Cyber Threats.'

Don’t Be Complacent - Protecting Your Critical Data is Crucial

Cyber-attacks are even more prevalent within the financial industry just because the rewards are bigger for the criminal world. As we know, financial companies have a lot more to lose, and this leaves them open to being exploited with cyber breaches. The influx of change in data laws leaves the industry pressured to always be compliant and adhere to new regulatory requirements which is a massive headache.

Front of Mind for Peace of Mind

Research from PwC, CIO and CSO, The Global State of Information Security® Survey 2018, October 18, 2017 states, '39% say they are very confident in their cyber-attack attribution capabilities.' But what about the 61% who are the seemingly unconfident?

The industry should always remain mindful that if their critical data is compromised, the outcomes are severe. Reputational damage, revenue loss and a massive fine from a regulatory and compliance perspective. Having a rigorous mentality to put the correct practical protocols in place will help you stay prepared for any eventuality when it comes to cyber threats. You can identify your threat vectors no matter how complex your IT systems and applications are by easily leveraging security frameworks, assessments and business continuity plans.

People, Process and Technology

5 Simple Key Steps To Help Mitigate Against Cyber Threats Infographic 5 Simple Key Steps To Help Mitigate Against Cyber Threats Infographic

It’s not only about managing technology when it comes to cyber risks. Do your employees in your organisation know how to deal or identify cyber breaches effectively? And even so, how would you know if you have been infiltrated with a Zero-Day exploit if these are dormant? Perhaps as you’re currently reading this blog, your IT systems have been compromised already and you’re just not aware of it. This is the dark reality of the cyber threat landscape.

So, to help prevent cyber threats infiltrating your IT systems building a strong security foundation with key processes based on employees’ roles and responsibilities, in correlation with the technology you’re using is paramount. Educating and providing insight into cyber threats for your organisation from C-Level down will also enable you to be more resilient and prepared for any cyber breaches.

We’ve compiled ‘5 Simple Key Steps to Help Mitigate Against Cyber Threats’ infographic' to give you the best practice protocols you can put in place to help strengthen your security posture.

If you’re not worrying about cyber threats compromising your critical data now, then it’s not a matter of ‘if’ you’ll be compromised, it’s a case of ‘when’. Clearly, it’s better to be safe than sorry isn’t it?

For more information on how we can help you strengthen your security posture, contact us: info@microgen.com.

You can also visit The National Cyber Security Centre: The National Cyber Security Centre: https://www.ncsc.gov.uk/

Douglas Cooper is Business Development Director at Microgen Financial Systems. Doug used to love wearing a hoodie, until it became the stereotypical image of a hacker.

You can find Doug on LinkedIn