Andrew Lowerson

Andrew Lowerson
Andrew is Product Marketing Manager at TrustQuay
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5th May 2020

Time, effort, expense: How much is your time recording system really costing your business?

A focus on time recording & billing systems can significantly boost productivity and provide much-needed protection for your bottom line.

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28th April 2020

Solving Economic Substance at Scale with Technology

Compliance with Economic Substance laws for the first time in 2020 will add significant pressure on operational efficiency for many providers in the finance industry, but particularly those in the Trust, Private Client, Corporate Services and...

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17th April 2020

"Every Little Helps": A focus on small digital workflows can result in large gains.

In the current environment, a focus on smaller workflows can provide significant buffers against operational inefficiencies for organisations with either automation foundations which are already advanced or looking at workflows for the first...

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7th February 2020

Data Management: Errors of Omission and the ‘Green Automatic’ Effect

Our Product Marketing Manager, Andrew Lowerson, discusses the data management process within our organisation. With a background in the automotive industry, Andrew also goes into detail about the Omission errors and the effect of 'Green...

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