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Nina Mileksic
Nina is Compliance Product Manager at TrustQuay
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15th May 2020

Even the Regulators Stopped in their Tracks... But What Next?

It is almost impossible to talk about anything else. The virus continues to wreak havoc across the globe.  There doesn’t seem to be one single aspect of doing business that can be classified as ‘usual’. Working conditions are only one small part...

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26th March 2020

How Covid-19 threw Economic Substance Rules out of the Window

We are in a new era.

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27th February 2020

Can Regulation be Good for Business?

The big question is, can regulation be beneficial and is it good for business? Nina Mileksic, Compliance Product Manager, looks at Economic Substance in Guernsey and the increase in business opportunities that have followed.

Over the past 10...

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14th January 2020

When Changing Regulatory Landscape Starts Eating into Your Budget

Compliance Product Manager, Nina Mileksic, here at Microgen discusses when changes in regulatory landscape eats into the budget you have and what implications this has on the industry.

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14th October 2019

Tax avoidance – the regulatory onslaught continues

Nina Mileksic, Compliance Product Manager at Microgen, discusses new Mandatory Disclosure Rules (MDR) that aim to further the battle against tax avoidance.

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