19th July 2019

Mauritius Compliance Risk & Economic Crime Conference 2019 - Event Roundup

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In our most recent conference participation, Melina Lori, Consultant, travelled to the Indian Ocean to collaborate with our partner BDO Consulting as gold sponsors at the recent Mauritius Compliance Risk & Economic Crime Conference on 10th July 2019. In its second year, it is already a renowned event within the Mauritian financial services industry.

I had the pleasure of attending this year’s conference, which focused on compliance risk and economic crime and what predicates a financial crisis. The event was incredibly insightful, having understood the history of global regulatory change, which is very much a consistent pattern of first a crisis happens; then a rule change occurs, then next crisis happens, and further rule changes are implemented. It is very much a continuous cycle of crisis and rule changes.

The event attracted key speakers and delegates from across Mauritius, Kenya and South Africa who are responsible for analysing these patterns and algorithms and they brought education and insight as they spoke about technological and regulatory innovation that can help mitigate financial crisis.

I was thrilled to collaborate with our local partners in Mauritius, BDO IT Consulting at this event, who also took to the stage to deliver an engaging presentation on the current compliance and regulatory challenges the financial services industry is facing in Mauritius, and explained how our Microgen 5Series software solution can support organisations with compliance and data security.

With Mauritius being a key focus for us, this event enabled me to meet and network with customers and delegates and bring thought leadership and expertise to the current industry challenges.

Melina Lori is the Southern Europe Consultant at Microgen Financial Systems.

You can find Melina on LinkedIn and if you’d like to know more about how Microgen technology can help you meet compliance and regulation please email Melina at melina.lori@microgen.com.