19th February 2019

Seminar: Get Real on Cyber Risk – How Perception is NOT Reality - 21 March

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Date & Time: 21st March 2019
Coffee, Breakfast Snacks & Registration at 8:00am. Discussion finishes at 10:00am

Location: The Old Government House Hotel & Spa, Guernsey

The perception prevails that the physical remoteness of Guernsey in some way immunises firms operating on the island from attention and attacks by cyber criminals. Juxtaposed with this is the fact that we're constantly told about the huge threat that cyber poses to our businesses – with regulators and shareholders increasingly expecting management to respond to this risk.

We need to get real and realise that these criminals don’t have any boundaries or scruples and there is an urgent need to get ahead of this risk. Join a panel of cyber experts from PwC, Appleby and Microgen Financial Systems for a topical and lively discussion on the reality of the risk posed by cyber criminals to firms operating in Guernsey.

Register now for more information and to be part of the debate. CPD certificate available following the event.

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