Everyone has their favourite Microsoft applications, and we are all creatures of habit. Which means organisations often struggle to transition employees out of these 'everyday applications' into a core system in order to provide a single source of truth and the ability to scale...

With TrustQuay Online, our corporate services and trust administration SaaS solution, it's a battle that no longer needs to be fought as it's fully integrated into the Microsoft 365 suite.

What does this mean for your productivity and collaboration? Suzanne Pritchard explains, focusing on:

1. Collaborating and accessing records in Teams 
2. Editing and analysing your data in Excel
3. Generating reports straight into OneDrive
4. Generating statements within Outlook

1. Collaborate and access records in Teams

Imagine a likely scenario where you need a colleague that doesn’t usually go into the live system on a regular basis to amend some missing or incorrect data. Perhaps your current process would be to screenshot the page and send an accompanying email, meaning that your colleague would then have to launch their instance of your corporate services and trust administration system, and navigate themselves to the record – hopefully reaching the right final destination without too much back and forth!

With TrustQuay Online that process is different. Microsoft Teams integration allows you to quickly and easily share the link to a page directly in a chat. All your colleague then has to do is simply click the link and then they can access the exact page and edit the data directly via a window within Teams. No need to leave Teams, where so many of us live and collaborate throughout the working day. No need to connect over a VPN, and no need to manually navigate to particular records. The connectivity and collaboration across your organisation becomes more seamless, and employees can access your golden source of data without having to leave the Microsoft tools that they are currently using day in day out.


2. Edit and analyse your data in Excel

When handling large amounts of data and records in rows and columns, some of us prefer to simply work in Microsoft Excel, and there is nothing wrong with that! TrustQuay Online is designed such that you can edit data and tables directly in Excel and make changes to records that can then be published straight back into the system using the Excel Add-in pane.

This capability allows you to continue using Excel alongside TrustQuay Online, whilst retaining an all-important source of truth for your data. No need to fight the continuous battle to encourage your employees to switch to your new, scalable platform.


3. Generate reports straight into OneDrive

Imagine another scenario where you have a monthly meeting that requires you to generate a set of reports in advance. Traditionally, you might set a reminder, launch your corporate services and trust admin system, navigate to your reports list and then generate what you need before downloading, saving and distributing.

With TrustQuay Online that process is infinitely more efficient, as you can schedule reports to run and appear in your role centre reports inbox automatically, and on a regular cadence. No need to set reminders and no need to even navigate to the page: reports just appear on your home screen at the date and time set.

With this Microsoft OneDrive integration, you can also use the ‘Open in...’ and ‘Share’ functionality to save the reports directly to a folder on your OneDrive, and then share them within your organisation. Another instant productivity gain thanks to what Hubbis, describes as TrustQuay Online’s “seamless interoperability with Microsoft 365.”

4. Generate statements within Outlook

With TrustQuay Online you can also manage business interactions with your customers and vendors from within Microsoft Outlook every time an email is drafted or received from your contacts. This enables you to see financial data, such as the aged accounts receivable profile and ledger entries, quickly and easily without leaving Outlook.

And as we demonstrated at our live-streamed product demo, you can also use TrustQuay Online to create and send financial documents such as statements. Again, no need to leave Outlook, no need to specifically launch your corporate services and trust administration system, and no need to navigate to the record.

Watch our live-streamed product demo to see all of this Microsoft 365 interoperability in action.

About the Author

Suzanne Pritchard

Suzanne is Product Manager at TrustQuay