If you're contemplating the transition from an on-premise solution to cloud-based technology, we've condensed a comprehensive overview into a quick snapshot to aid your decision-making process. Delve into the key factors you should take into account as you embark on this journey.

  On Premise Cloud based software
Control Full control over infrastructure Infrastructure owned by the provider 
Security Perceived security due to physical control Robust security measures implemented by cloud providers
Customisation High degree of customisation to match specific needs Some limits to customisation 
Scalability  Limited scalability requires additional investment for growth Highly scalable, can easily accommodate growth without significant upfront cost
Accessibility  Accessible only from the office or designated premises Accessible from anywhere, at any time, allowing for collaboration and flexibility 
Cost  Significant upfront investment for hardware, infrastructure and maintenance  Low upfront costs and predictable budgeting 
Data Security  Relies on internal security measures  Advanced security measures, encryption, back-up systems and strict access controls
Maintenance  In-house responsibility for update, maintenance and upgrades  Maintenance, updates and system upgrades owned by provider
Compliance  In-house responsibility for compliance  Cloud provider often exceeds compliance requirements and offers built-in compliance features


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