TrustQuay the global leader in technology for corporate services, trust and alternative fund administration markets has today announced an agreement with ZEDRA to adopt TrustQuay Portal.

TrustQuay Portal enables corporate services and trust administrators to deliver their clients a unified view across all of their structures and provides access to this information anywhere, anytime and on any device.

ZEDRA and its clients will also benefit from online 24x7 access to data such as entities and billing information as well as two-way messaging and document sharing, with the portal interface carrying ZEDRA branding to deliver a personalised client experience. Unlike generic third-party tools, the portal plugs straight into ZEDRA’s existing TrustQuay system, making it easy to implement for staff, avoiding a long and complex integration project and delivering a quick roll-out to clients.

Research by TrustQuay has shown that increasing client engagement through portals is now firmly on the agenda within the sector. Its recent Future Focus Report survey found that only 16% of firms currently have a portal in place, but a further 60% are either implementing a client portal or are considering doing so in the future.

Estelle Spiers, Group Head of Technology & Operations at ZEDRA, comments:

“As a longstanding customer of TrustQuay, we are very excited to adopt TrustQuay Portal, which we believe will be a major innovation in terms of allowing us to digitally transform our end-client engagement and meet the increasing digital demands from clients.

“Our last client survey told us that digitally accessing data such as structures and billing information, as well as two-way messaging and document sharing in a highly secure and private way are top-of-mind for our clients," Estelle Spiers continues. "The TrustQuay Portal is a robust and secure solution that addresses all of these areas. Moreover, the plug and play nature of the TrustQuay Portal into our core engine TrustQuay NavOne de-risks the cost of the installation and client roll-out.”

Keith Hale, Executive Chairman of TrustQuay, comments:

“We are delighted to extend our partnership with ZEDRA, working together to reimagine their client experience by offering access to information and documents in a controlled and secure way. It’s great to see ZEDRA pushing ahead of many other firms in the Corporate Services and Trust Admin industry in terms of digital engagement with clients. I’m sure we’ll see that statistic of 16% of CSPs with a Portal increase dramatically in the next two years.”

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About the Author

Ian Peel

Ian Peel is Head of Marketing at TrustQuay.