It has been a busy 2022 for TrustQuay, alongside the launch of TrustQuay Online there has been a continued expansion of the capabilities of TrustQuay NavOne and 5Series. Andrew Lowerson, Senior Product Marketing Manager at TrustQuay explains how TrustQuay is continuing to lead the market with a range of digital-first offerings.

It's an exciting time for the industry. The launch of TrustQuay Online has brought a genuinely new way to manage your technology stack to the marketplace, while we continue to expand the capability of our flagship NavOne and 5Series products. Let us take a look at the latest updates available to our customers...

Automation made easier

TrustQuay 5Series has received some major improvements to the workflow functionality that lies at the heart of the system. These improvements significantly upgrade the user experience by allowing access to workflows from anywhere in the system, while also expanding core functionality and ease of use.


We have focused heavily on workflow upgrades as this is core to the 5Series experience, allowing customers to automate authorisation steps, complex internal processes and manage risk effectively. Key benefits include the ability to:

‣ Quickly access frequently used workflows
‣ Quicker process management with context-sensitive workflow selection
‣ Save progress while constructing complex multi-question workflow builds
‣ View expected workflow steps before execution with improved visualisations
‣ Identify owners of workflows with"created by" details


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Customise your invoices and reports

With the latest NavOne updates, customers can now more easily customise their invoices and invoice reports, meaning you can meet the specific invoice requirements of a particular client in how individual invoices are generated and presented. Reporting has also been enhanced, allowing for more granular investigation at a client and company level.


To ensure our systems remain as easy to use and as up-to-date as possible, we have replaced the existing SMTP system within NavOne with a brand new and upgraded email system, allowing for easier management of sender addresses and improved visibility on client records.



Looking forward

We have many more exciting updates coming later in 2022! Next time, we'll be looking at the developments made in TrustQuay Portal since its release to the market, and we'll have substantial updates around the Private Equity functionality in NavOne.

About the Author

Andrew Lowerson

Andrew is Senior Product Marketing Manager at TrustQuay