With much anticipation and excitement, TrustQuay’s first in-person event in the APAC region was successfully held at Singapore's Parkroyal Collection Pickering Hotel on 01 September 2022.

As the event unfolded, a relatable and engaging presentation led the way to explaining the benefits of TrustQuay Online as being a low complexity, low cost, low risk, and future-proof solution - ably illustrated by Ed Creswell (Global Head of Sales) and Greg Coppell (Head of Asia Pacific) who roleplayed on stage as a customer and Chief Technology Officer respectively.

Perhaps the most impactful part was where TrustQuay’s Adrian Akers and Suzanne Pritchard demonstrated how TrustQuay Online is powered by Microsoft Dynamic 365 and provides a modern browser interface for the user.

Moreover, its interoperability connects seamlessly with other Microsoft products, and unifies all assets into a single solution, allowing users to navigate freely between Microsoft 365 apps and TrustQuay Online via the app launcher, driving productivity.

We were pleased to take many questions from attendees as trust, fund, and corporate services companies in the region are facing similar challenges such as managing client data, complying with jurisdictional regulations, and reducing risk around data and cybersecurity. As such we talked about how this SaaS solution leverages Microsoft’s world-class encrypted networking, database backups, and backup encryption to give every user peace of mind.

There was an informative wrap-up networking session with attendees at the end of the event. We were pleased about the turn of the event and it was great to spend time with the corporate services and trust community in Singapore – and those who had flown in especially for the event!


About the Author

Annie Zhou

Annie is a Business Development Executive based in the Singapore office