Our next customer webinar will go live in two weeks' time and will be specifically tailored to the challenges and experiences of TrustQuay 5Series customers.

With proof-of-concept and demos of new and enhanced functionality, we'll look in detail at TrustQuay Portal and its integration with 5Series and cover:

  • Accurate, integrated digital onboarding
  • Document, identity and address verification
  • Automated document and report production

With guest speakers and Q&A sessions - including Richard Spink from TrustQuay ecosystem partner GBG - this session will answer three key questions:

1. How can you give clients the best levels of access and transparency around their data?

2. How can you move away from email-based workflows to straight-through processing?

3. How can you allow all your clients to securely access their information - anywhere, anytime, on any device?

This webinar has been broadcast, and you can now watch it on-demand.

About the Author

Andrew Lowerson

Andrew is Senior Product Marketing Manager at TrustQuay