It has now been one year since the launch of TrustQuay Online! Built with the customer experience in mind, TrustQuay Online has revolutionised the digitalisation journey in the corporate services, trust and fund administration market. 

A year of collaboration, of development, of wins. From early adopters to trusted partners, read on to see what TrustQuay Online’s first year held. 

A busy 12 months 

Of course, products don’t start and end at launch. Over the past 12 months, TrustQuay Online has evolved and grown with our market and customer feedback. 

With various customers across 11 jurisdictions  already signed up in the first year, their feedback has shown a positive trend for TrustQuay Online. Customers say it is a “game-changer” and “much more adapted to the industry than others [they] have worked with” with “modules and features that [they] would have liked to have in the past”. 

Working with various ecosystem partners, TrustQuay Online utilises market software expertise to ensure customers get the absolute best functionality without resorting to multiple programs and risking data silos. An example of this is RiskScreen, who enable a seamless and friction-free AML screening experience. Unlike any other system, TrustQuay Online and RiskScreen combine to utilise existing data and world-leading KYC providers to reduce risk and save time by eliminating doubt around the screening process. 

In keeping with the simplicity of TrustQuay Online, there has also been a new onboarding methodology adopted called Journey to Go-Live, driven by our Customer Success Team. Building on out-of-the-box functionality, a Journey to Go-Live onboarding allows customers to be up and running within weeks. For more complex onboarding requirements, our Professional Services team is in place to assist, ensuring a smooth journey. 

There have been so many additions and enhancements to TrustQuay Online that they would be impossible to list here in full! If you’re interested in learning more, get in touch to book a demo. 

The journey so far 

A few years ago, TrustQuay made the decision to begin a journey to a full Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. It would be completely based in the cloud and offer an answer to the question of how best to digitalise the market. To be launched in April 2022, the solution would give customers a low cost, low risk, low complexity, future-proof solution.  

Thus, TrustQuay Online began. An out-of-the-box solution that customers can access from anywhere, at any time, on any device with an internet connection. 

Why this route? Each year, TrustQuay collects feedback from across the industry, covering both current perceptions and the main factors behind change. TrustQuay identified how under-served this market continually is in terms of customer requirements to differentiate their business through a mixture of digital customer-focused software offerings and regulatory support. Through this lack, there is less efficiency in the market as a whole, operational costs are higher than they need to be, and businesses are risking their security and reputation unnecessarily and, sometimes, unknowingly. 

Beginning with DevOps foundations work, enabling customer interfacing via our secure portal, and building technical elements to underpin our enterprise products, TrustQuay Online is a game-changing corporate services and trust administration Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. It is the only cloud-native and fully digital entity management, client accounting, general ledger and practice management platform within this market. 

Why TrustQuay Online? 

Software delivered through SaaS has massive benefits when compared against more traditional, on-premise systems. To start, TrustQuay Online offers complete Microsoft interoperability. Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Online, it allows its users to differentiate themselves from competitors with new and enhanced digital services, driving revenue and growth. 

The aim from TrustQuay Online’s beginning was to provide a solution that integrates with the existing business, eliminating the need for expensive infrastructures, which will last for years to come. By working with existing Microsoft functionality and interfaces, TrustQuay Online is also a familiar platform requiring minimal user training. This allows businesses to greatly shorten the time it takes to get value. 

TrustQuay Online is a fully digital entity management, client accounting, general ledger, and practice management SaaS platform. It enables providers to meet their corporate and private wealth clients’ regulatory requirements as well as manage their own business in a simple to use, highly automated way, while being available on-demand 24/7 from any device with a browser and internet connection. 

Between our own continuous development based on market and customer feedback, and our partners contributing to an ever-growing ecosystem, TrustQuay Online is a singular digital platform within which your data can be consolidated for increased efficiency and accuracy, and easier reporting and auditing.

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With a 2023 Roadmap focused on automation and differentiation, it’s shaping up to be an exciting year. 

TrustQuay Online already offers an easier route to automation and digitalisation for Corporate Services, Trust, and Fund Administrators than ever before. Consequently, we see this product being able to grow to new areas of the market as a game-changing SaaS solution. 

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About the Author

Keziah Bryceland

Keziah is a Product Marketing Executive at TrustQuay