As we head towards the end of 2021, we wanted to give you an update on what our product teams have been working on over the last few months. We previewed some of these changes in our TrustQuay Forum in July – customers can access session recordings in the Customer Hub.

TrustQuay Portal

TrustQuay Portal now includes industry-first fully integrated and automated digital client onboarding functionality, in partnership with GBG. This includes features such as ID document scanning and ‘selfie’ liveness checks.

In addition, as well as you being able to initiate tasks for your client to complete, your clients now have the ability to initiate certain common requests (that you’ve allowed), which then automatically flow into your back-office systems for processing by your teams. This has the potential to make common tasks far more efficient by collecting key data straight away, while also letting your client know that they are in hand.

JFSC RegConnect: Jersey FSC Digital Registry

July saw the release of our Jersey FSC Digital Registry integration added to both TrustQuay 5Series and TrustQuay NavOne, which connects to the JFSC filing API. For firms with Jersey-based structures, this will allow you to quickly see what data the registry holds on the entities you manage, identify discrepancies to be corrected and also electronically file the new Confirmation Statement. The new Jersey requirements are not insignificant and if you rely on the web portal, could be quite onerous. This new API integration into our products allows you to meet your obligations securely and efficiently.


In addition to the JFSC filing functionality, we have enhanced the FATCA and CRS capability within NavOne with new schemas and enhanced tax finance automation.

As well, we have added Caribbean jurisdictions to the Substance Scope Advisory and Substance Assessment services as part of our Economic Substance Advisory Service. 


As well as the JFSC filing functionality, the 5Series team continues to integrate TrustQuay Portal functionality into 5Series, most recently bringing the two-way messaging facilities directly into 5Series. This allows you to have secure conversations with your client, dealing with those messages alongside the rest of your client’s data. This new functionality is on top of the client data, share register and invoice information that has already launched.

Looking Forward

With 8,000 days of investment each year in our products, we've got many exciting new features in the pipeline covering automation, digitalisation and regulation. Watch this space!

About the Author

Simon Witkiss

Simon is Global Head of Product and Marketing at TrustQuay